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Arriving in the Netherlands and Corona in the World…………..

March 13th it was time for me to set foot on Dutch ground again. A lot of Corona testing in Zambia and Dubai which cost me quite a few euros extra. The world is going crazy, at least that’s the feeling it gives me as I am writing this letter. In Zambia there is also Corona and there are also people dying of it, but the citizens don’t seem to be so concerned about it. Not everyone who is sick gets themselves tested (around 200,000 found positive since the start of the epidemic), so the virus can just spread. Inside, however, we need to wear face masks, which slowly find themselves under the nose and then eventually just end up hanging on the chin. Hands are sometimes being disinfected and 1 meter distance is advised, although that distance is mostly not maintained. Vaccinating? That is only done here if the rich western countries donate vaccines in the Covax program. Vaccinating 18 million people in Zambia will therefore take some time. Since the vaccinations started, a total of 215,000 have now been vaccinated.

2,5 months in the Netherlands

For me it was very strange to be in the Netherlands at first. Flying on an empty plane, arriving at an empty airport and when I walked down the street, all the people walked around me as if I was contagious. Something I was not used to in Zambia. After 5 days I did a Corona test at the local health facility (free of charge) and I was allowed to walk around freely! I stayed with friends in Franeker, Ee and Rijssen and I also spent 10 days alone in Doldersum where I could relax a bit. The time in the Netherlands went by so quickly and it was a time of arranging many things and I did many visits by myself, as group meetings were not allowed. It was very busy I can say, but it was good. I was allowed to speak online and in my own congregation I was in charge of an ‘open air’ service which was held in a shed because of the rainy weather. It was good to see a lot of people again, although I didn’t even manage to visit everyone.

29 mei 2021 Last ‘Douwe Egberts Coffee in the Netherlands!

Financial Support

In the Netherlands I tried to pay attention to my financial supporters. My first 2 year term ended on July 15th 2021 and from now on I will continue as a long term missionary which means that I will continue to do this work until I get the feeling God wants me to do something else. A number of sponsors had committed for 2 years and everyone was approached with the question to continue. Some decided to continue and others chose to support someone else or another project. This means that I have to find new sponsors who are willing to help support my work financially. So if you are reading this and would like to help me so that I can continue to do my work, please press the button ‘DONATE NOW or use this link.

Welcome home

My new ‘Zambian family’ was very happy that I was ‘home’ again and when Zambians can afford it, a cake has to be part of of the festivities. Yummy!

Moving to Ndola

Before I left for the Netherlands I already knew for sure that I would move to Ndola. The base of Operation Mobilization had already asked me a number of times if I would come and help them set up a center where sewing and pattern drawing can be taught. Since I felt at home in Kabwe, it didn’t seem that appealing to me at first, but after thinking about it, praying about it, I felt that it might be God’s plan that I would move to Ndola. An additional advantage was that my ‘best buddy’ had already moved there, together with his 2 sons (5 and 17) to work as a missionary at the base. But I didn’t want that to be the reason for my move. After all, I came to Zambia to work in God’s kingdom! So when it felt like God showing me I should continue my work in Ndola it was fine.

During my stay in the Netherlands, a house became available in Ndola where I could move in after I was back in Zambia. It was hard to leave behind all the people with whom I built up relationships in 2 years, the house I lived in with the garden and the church where I felt at home, but I moved towns with confidence so that God will bless me and make me a source of blessing. And the good thing is that I am already blessed with a cat! Little ‘Yemba’. This name in the local language means ‘beautiful, be pretty’. Nice isn’t is? At least now I have a roommate! I like it!

“The Lord had said to Abram, ‘Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing’ “.

Genesis 12:1-2

Update relationship

Since my ‘best buddy’ and myself now live in the same place, it’s easier for us to spend time together and build our relationship. It’s still very much getting used to for me, I can say that, but because we both work on the same base (I also partly at home) we see each other more often. He is the manager (missionary) of the Hammer-mill where they grind maize into miaze meal. Nshima (puree of maize meal) is the staple-food of Zambia. In addition, several by-products are made in the ‘hammer-mill’. All products are sold to generate funds for the OM Base in Ndola.

Work in addition to spreading the gospel

My work in Ndola will consist of helping to set up a center where women and possibly also men can learn to do the sewing and pattern drawing. The intention is also to set up a small production in due course so that we can raise money for the OM Base and all other projects that are running there. In addition, I will visit poor neighborhoods and there too transfer skills in a simple way and encourage the women. My work for Africa still involves doing work online as it is not wise to travel. More about my work in a future newsletter.

Will you pray with me?

  • Thank for my visit to the Netherlands and for making it possible.
  • Thanks for all the personal visits I could make.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to move to Ndola.
  • Thanks for my Family.
  • Thanks for all my friends around the world.
  • Thank you that God has provided for everything up to this point
  • Pray that I may feel at home in Ndola
  • Pray that I may make new friends
  • Pray that I can start my work and that it may be fruitful straight away
  • Pray for new donors to join financially.
  • Pray for the relationship with my ‘best buddy’ and that I can and may build a good relationship with his children.


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What’s my story again?

Through the mission organization Operation Mobilization I will go and work in Zambia and Africa to give the women Hope and Recovery through lessons in sewing, pattern drawing and Bible study. In addition, I will also coach them and provide pastoral assistance. My salary consists entirely of financial donations. In this newsletter I share with you what happens in my work and life.

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