Home Team


The Home Team (TFT) ensures good support for the missionary worker.

This includes:

  • Contactperson
  • Motivation and stimulation people supporting Jannie
  • Moral support missionary
  • Prayer
  • Communication
  • Logistic support
  • Financial support
  • Support after returning home

It is the responsibility of the entire Home Team to work on all these types of support and to involve all participants at home in the outreach.
Practically it would be good to divide the different tasks.

On mutual agreement, certain tasks can be shifted, and it is also possible to create other functions. It is important that the Home Team really functions as a team and that all members feel responsible for approaching and informing all supporters of the missionary, the fundraising process and during the time when the missionary is on leave.

Who are on the Team!

gea smits

My name is Gea Smits, married to Chris Smits and together we have 3 children. I grew up with Jannie and we have been friends since were 3 years old. We have always been very involved in each other’s lives and have experienced different situations together. From the point that there might be a possibility that Jannie would go into missions, I said, I will support you, I want to do everything to make this possible for you and would like to work in your Home Team. I know that this is God’s plan with Jannie and I think it is very special to be able to stand next to her. One of my talents is organizing, which is why the role as chairman of the Home Team also suits me quite well.

chris smits

Chris Smits, married to Gea and so I got to know Jannie. I have been able to witness how God has moved Jannie to do this step in life. For me an example of how to entrust your life to God. Therefore, it goes without saying that I am in the Home Team and for the finances.

Anni Ter Steege

I am Anni ter Steege and may step in as being Jannie’s confidential adviser. I met Jannie in Western Africa, where I worked for 18 years myself. Jannie spent a month on a mission trip to see if missions/the Bible and textiles could come together. I then saw her desire to serve and to pass on what she knows. By just being who she is, she is greatly appreciated. I am glad that I can come alongside now to sympathize with her and to think along with the others from the Home Team.

Besides these beautiful people Jannie is supported by many others who each contribute in their own way to everything that needs to be arranged and organized!

Contact the Home Team when you have got any questions. We are more than happy to be of any assistance.