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My first newsletter!

For those who do not know me, I am Jannie. I grew up in a small village in the Northern part of the Netherlands together with Jesus and the sewing machine close by. Two important aspects in all my life. Being creative and active with a strong conviction. Both within work and hobby, something that really makes me happy!

Somehow, deep inside, I had a gut feeling. I wanted to go overseas and help others with the love of Jesus. I was happy, but the longing to do missionary work did not leave me. The biggest problem for me was to let go of my earthly certainties………we are so used to all the good things we have!

In 2012, when I didn’t feel well, I had the feeling God showed me the message; ‘Give up everything and become rich’. This gave me peace and joy and I could let go and surrender me to Him. But what did it mean to become rich?……. To be rich in joy by helping other people, passing on the love of Jesus and helping them to find inner peace. And I can tell you, sure my life has changed!

From 2012 on I went looking for opportunities to do missionary and development work. I always thought they only could use nurses, but how wrong was I! There is plenty to do in the field of textiles! I have been allowed to work with a number of projects in Africa and studied to be a Pastoral Counsellor.

In September 2018 I visited a project of the mission organization Operation Mobilization in Kabwe in Zambia and stayed there for 4 weeks! I was allowed to have a taste of the atmosphere and life there and work together with the team of the ‘Tabitha Skills Development Centre’. To see if there would be a place for me and yes, there is and it feels good! Hopefully I can go back somewhere halfway 2019 for, initially, 2 year!

I would like to take you with me on my adventure to Zambia!

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Tabitha Skills Development Centre

The women in rural areas are mostly uneducated, illiterate, many are single and have trouble getting by. As a result, they are often forced into prostitution, other forms of slavery, or they end up selling alcohol and drugs.

The ‘Tabitha Skills Development Centre’ focuses on equipping these women by bringing them hope and recovery with practical and business skills and pastoral counselling. For me this means pastoral care, Bible study, teaching in sewing and pattern drawing in the new building and see if we can also set up a small production.

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A country located in southern Africa with a tropical climate. Completely surrounded by land and there is much to see. Zambia, the second largest copper producer in Africa, is generally regarded as one of the most stable democratic countries on the continent, but faces many problems.

Agriculture and mining are some of the country’s most important economic contributions, but many people still live below the poverty line. A large proportion of the population suffers from AIDS and like other countries it has also suffered a lot from the slave trade. The official language is English, but many still speak their local language. This is ‘Bemba’ in the Kabwe region.

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Operation Mobilization

The project runs through Operation Mobilization. This is an international interdenominational mission organization that believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. They are convinced that when people follow Jesus, this affects the whole environment. That is what they go for: changing lives, changing communities and communities that change the world! That is, in my eyes, what you call becoming rich!

OM offers mission trips, short-term projects and opportunities for long-term projects for all ages based on volunteer work. They work in over 100 countries and are known from mission ship LOGOS HOPE.

There is a lot to do in order to go on a mission and remain staying there! Training, psychological research, conversations, not to mention all practical and financial matters (including support) that have to be arranged! All very exciting!

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