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Covid-19, Shopping bags and ‘Love in the air’………

What a hectic year, 2020, what a strange year. I am convinced this applies to all of us. It has been a while since I sent my last newsletter. There were updates, but more on Facebook and via WhatsApp, just short ones. For a while the news was the same on my side. The mouth masks. We worked with the women from the training centre for a long time to make mouth masks which were distributed by a special team. We have visited many churches, taught them how they can still be a church during this Corona time. We also paid attention to the all rules regarding staying hygienic during this crisis and the making and the wearing of the mouth masks. Of course, all this to bring the Gospel as well …… Bringing Hope during uncertain times.

It is really amazing that we have been able to make and hand out over 7000 mouth masks !!!! And not to forget the mouth masks that were made in other places with the help of the description and the video that we made as Women’s Empowerment Africa.


The COVID-19 virus in Zambia

Many people have asked me about the situation in Zambia with regard to the virus. I have to say we had to hold our breath in March earlier this year when the first cases started to be reported here in Zambia. A Lock Down occurred. Schools and churches were also closed over here. Government buildings continued to operate on a small scale. Markets were no longer allowed, companies had to close, people had to stay at home. Dramatic………. Zambia is a country where people do not receive any allowances from the Government, a country where many people wake up in the morning worrying about how to get food on the table in the evening. No work means no food. This resulted in many people just continuing with their work. Mouth masks were made and sold on a large scale. Everyone had to wear one. Fortunately for a number of people that meant generating income by making them.


Since March, here in Zambia, the “official” numbers are still low. “Official,” I say, since it cannot really be kept up to date here. The death toll is higher than normal and the numbers are currently rising. In the rain season at the moment, we have higher humidity and more people staying indoors. There is now more attention again on obeying the rules. 1 meter social distance, washing of hands and wearing a mouth mask. We’ll see what happens, we try to stay safe and we keep praying!

Numbers of Corona since March – 18.500
Deaths – 375
Active cases on 18-12-2020 – 500

Love Africa Conference

Every year a conference is held in Zambia about everything that Operation Mobilization does in Africa. Many people come to the base in Zambia from Africa, but also from other areas around the world. But not this year as you can understand. Here in Zambia we also had to start thinking “Online”.Because I did my part on the radio because of Corona, I was asked to do the “media” section. Well, that was quite something! Goodness me, creating something valuable in a short time with a group of people around me. Not easy, but it worked out! Radio, even TV, Facebook and many “mini conferences” at various locations in the area around the base and in Zambia. It was a big success! We reached many people.


Shopping bags

One project finished and the other is already there again. To help the women to generate some income, I started with a project to make strong shopping bags from used cement bags. Next year, when I hope to come to the Netherlands, I hope to bring some with me so that they can be sold there and the earnings can flow back into the projects for the women around Africa.



Preaching the Gospel!

In addition to my “practical” work, I was also allowed to speak at a number of meetings and conferences for women and youth.



Love is in the Air!

Recently I got into in a relationship with a very nice and kind Zambian man. 45 years old, also a missionary with OM and a divorced single father of 2 boys (16 and 4 years old). A special ‘life’ development for me. For those who know me, know that I have spent most of my life (48 years) as a single woman. Since I decided to leave everything about my life in God’s hands, it has given me tremendous peace of mind to also leave my “love life” to Him. The wish to eventually find a life partner was there, but God gave me the peace of mind to just get on with my life and my work and keep seeking Him in every situation. Not that that’s always easy, definitely not, but it did take me to Zambia.


A country where I feel at home, where I do the work where my heart can be found and now it seems it also gives me a “husband” and two children. If it is God’s will, then I hope that I may live life with them in the future. Yes, here in Zambia. Quite an enormous and big change, but I have to keep faith in this too. I’ll keep you updated!

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 4:6-7

Health wise

A busy year which made me tired, or at least that’s what I thought. Partly this is true and partly it is not. After blood tests in Lusaka it turned out that my thyroid function is too low and that I had contracted typhoid fever. So I had to take a rest from the work I have been doing in the past weeks. Anyone who knows me knows that I find that very difficult. To make matters worse, due to my weak immune system, I recently contracted another virus. Not Corona as far as I know, but again something that also needs time to recover. All in all, a very eventful and hectic year and who knows what the year 2021 will bring!

…….Only God knows and I trust in Him!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2021!

Kerstkaartgroet 2019

Please pray with me:

  • Thanks for the fact that things are still going quite well with the risk of being contaminated with the Corona virus.
  • Thanks for the extra contributions for the mouth masks and that we were able to hand out so many.
  • Thanks for me being able to do so much work this past year
  • Pray that the Corona cases here in Zambia will remain low.
  • Pray for my relationship.
  • Pray for my health that I may soon be “my old self” again.
  • Pray that God will open new doors again in the coming year just as He did this year!


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