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A lot has happened since I sent my first newsletter in December 2018. First of all the official registration with Operation Mobilization. This included completing a long questionnaire, it seemed like they wanted to know everything about me! An important part was that I had to be tested psychologically, this to see how flexible I am for all that is expected to be happening on the field. I succeeded the test!! Let’s hope that I will not be tested to much in all I will come across!

In addition, I have been working on putting together my HomeTeam, I got equipped during a training weekend and at the end of January I attended the GO-Conference in Mosbach, Germany. Preparing for what is lying ahead for us as missionaries and all the things that we need to take account of. But of course it was also cool to meet many other missionaries! Well … ..and besides all activities, my normal work went on as well!

It is clear that there is a lot to think about and there is a lot to do in order to be able to leave in July this year. Many activities lie ahead for me and my team! Especially the application for the visa and the big challenge to get my support together! If those challenges do not work out, I cannot leave. It’s good that I stick to the following from the Bible……….

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty, that’s what I believe and just like the person who wrote Psalm  91 I also say to my Lord; “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust”

Stay tuned on all my steps before leaving for Zambia and continue reading!

GO-Conference January 2019

A conference especially for missionaries to meet each other, but also to learn more about Operation Mobilization (OM), the leaders and the unique mission that God has in store for each and every one of us personally. The vision of OM is to see vibrant communities of Jesus Followers among the least reached. Believe that we can help people and change their lives and that they then can do the same to others. Worldwide but also nearby.


Mainly the conference was about growing in cultural and emotional self-awareness. Identifying, understanding and managing emotions (your own and of others) so that you are able to deal better with other people. In addition, for a big part the focus was on the ability to act appropriately in a multicultural environment. It is quite a cultural change in which we, as missionaries, end up and how do we adapt to that … … understanding and accepting other habits. These changes range from shopping groceries, mutual relationships, leadership, hierarchy, being direct / indirect, (not) being on time, transport, possessions and so on.

“……lover your neighbour as yourself” (Matt. 22:39)

What a great conference it was! I was able to meet with so many people who all share the same passion! The majority of the group already left for their final destination immediately after the conference. Fortunately, it takes a little while before I hope to leave. Because there is still a lot to do!


As I have already said, I have put together a HomeTeam (TFT). This is a group of people here in the Netherlands who will make sure that I receive sufficient support in all areas. The TFT is the main contact actually, they motivate and stimulate the ‘supporters’ (people who are around me), they are there for my moral support, prayer (very important), communication, logistical support and perhaps most important they help me to get my financial support together. At the moment my team consists of the following people; Gea Smits, Chris Smits, Wendy Pierik, and Anni ter Steege. A short personal introduction of them can be found on my website! Each and every one of them I am extremely grateful for!


Financial Challenge!

In my December newsletter I spoke about my mission and what I am going to do. In addition a beautiful article has been published in the local newspaper! (31.000 editions and it is still available on my website). In the coming period my HomeTeam and myself will be busy making my mission even more known. We will give presentations, write letters, distribute more brochures, send authorization cards and everything necessary to ensure that sufficient support is received.

You can support me too!


In addition to sympathy and prayer, a solid financial base is absolutely necessary to make my mission possible. To be able to do my work and being able to live in Zambia I entirely depend on external support and I can tell you quite some money is needed.

That is why I would like to ask you to support me financially.

I do not receive a salary and for all my expenses, I depend on donations. To be able to do my work and to eat and drink I need a monthly budget of €1.995,– (EBT). This is a lot of money, I know, but there is an explanation for every euro. The costs I make vary; from a contribution to Operation Mobilization, taxes in Zambia, insurance in the Netherlands, transport in Zambia and Africa to the costs that I make in order to stay alive. How the amount is divided can be found here on my website. Donate now

Do you support my mission and would you like to support me financially? That would be very kind! OM has an office in many countries which means it might be quite well possible that you can send a donation through OM in your own country which will even be tax-deductible! For more information, please visit my website.

To be allowed to leave mid-July, I must have gathered all the send commitments for financial support at the end of May.


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