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It’s going fast!………and YESS!!!

Two months to go and then I can leave for Zambia!!!! 85% in financial commitments has been given! There are no words to describe what I feel ……………. I am so grateful to everyone who wants to support my work!
Still 15% to go! But we can manage that, can’t we!?

Emigrate! Who would have thought that! Well not me. Exciting? Definitely! There is a lot that needs to be arranged and a lot that has to be done, but I’m still moving forward.

An exciting part is whether there will be a neat and reliable tenant for my home for 2 years. Yet I am still confident as I really feel that God is calling me to do this work. He will provide and therefore also motivate people to support my work financially and bring someone on my path who is willing and able to rent my home.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain” Psalm 127:1

That doesn’t mean that I can lean back and do nothing! Although I must say that that is something that doesn’t suit me. In the past months I have been busy looking for different options with regard to my financial support. And in the meantime, around 1000 authorization cards and brochures have already been distributed and I have more to hand out! I have already been able to hold a number of presentations and there are still a number of presentations on the agenda! All exciting to do!

I am also working on a renovation of my house to make it attractive for rental (insulation on the first floor). The demands of a tenant nowadays are quite different from the things that I accept as a single resident. But it turns out nice! I feel blessed to be able to do all of this! It would only be nice if there were more hours in a day …..


In my own Church I gave a presentation together with someone from Operation Mobilization. It is also good to know what their work involves. Operation Mobilization is an international mission organization. They believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. When people follow Jesus, this affects the entire environment. That’s what they go for: changed lives, changing communities and communities changing the world! Where possible they work together with the local church, so that they have a lasting impact. They believe that a vibrant community reproduces itself. OM is a global community of Jesus followers.

In a small town nearby I was allowed to contribute to a church service doing a meditation and during a coffee meeting in Dokkum I was able to give an impressive (as those present experienced) presentation and my self-designed and self-made things could be admired and purchased. (Faith On Canvas Gifts) All this for the benefit of my mission.


My visa application for Zambia has been approved fast and in one go!
Normally it takes a long time and quite some forms need changes, but not this time!
So the Work visa is ‘in the pocket’!
Okay, I do have to pick it up In Zambia!

20190414 Thermometer klein

15% to go!

I do not receive any salary and I completely depend on financial support. Like mentioned in an earlier newsletter my monthly budget is €1.995,– (gross).
The costs that I will have vary; from a contribution to OM, taxes in Zambia, insurance in the Netherlands, transport in Zambia and Africa to the costs that I have to eat and live.

85% of the amount has already been promised and I am very grateful for that! I CAN GO!
But I’m not there yet! ……….

Will you help me with the last 15% and when I have succeeded the 100% I will continue to raise money for the project I will go and work for! Together, let’s give the women from Africa hope and recovery!
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On Saturday the 22nd of June from 10:00-13:00 a Bible study group from my Church hope to organize a Yard Sale to contribute towards my mission.
Sales of new and old stuff, games, a kids bouncer in the yard, a raffle and of course food and drinks! Let’s hope lots of people will come and sell their stuff! The rent for a spot goes to Jannie in Mission.

What’s my story again?

Through the mission organization Operation Mobilization I will go and work in Zambia and Africa to give the women Hope and Recovery through lessons in sewing, pattern drawing and Bible study. In addition, I will also coach them and provide pastoral assistance. My salary consists entirely of financial donations. In this newsletter I share with you what happens in my work and life.

Any questions, remarks, want to know more? Feel free to contact me!

Collega's Tabitha


My future colleagues; Larissa, Pharen, Racheal and Elisabeth







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