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A new year and a new life…………..

So much has happened in the past few months! And what a change! One moment I am still single and the next I am married and ‘mother’ of 2 children. A few weeks ago I also reached the age of 50! I think the second half of my ‘century’ (assuming I’m still alive for half a century) looks quite different from the first half of ‘my century’. Whilst writing the last newsletter, we were still preparing for our wedding day on Saturday, December 18, 2021. During the last few weeks before the wedding, everything went a little different when the plane tickets of my brother and two best friends were cancelled due to the corona measures and a best friend from Zambia, who was going to be a bridesmaid, had to quarantine due to Corona. This was a sad event during our preparations. Yet we couldn’t postpone it, because none of us knew what the future with Corona would look like and Mobuley and myself were so ready to continue our lives together.

The preparations were really blessed by God, at least that’s how we really see it, because organizing a wedding in 3 months is not really easy. I was even able to find the time to make pretty dresses for the bridesmaids and a tie for all my men as shown in the picture, something I really wanted to do. Because yes, it had to be a special matching event. And it really worked out, everything turned out as we wanted it to be with the help of many lovely people. No, I didn’t make my own dress. This one just came from a second hand website in the Netherlands and fitted perfectly! Brought from Holland by a missionary couple in October, along with our wedding rings. Fortunately, because first my friends would bring them along, but then we would have ended up without! What a blessing that they could still join one of the last flights to Zambia!

Mark, Joseph, Jannie, Mobuley and 3 nieces


On Saturday, December 18, 2021 the day was finally there! Our wedding day! Because of Corona we were only allowed to have 50 guests, but that didn’t make the day less special. It was a very special day from start to finish. To get an impression of our wedding day, I suggest you view the video compilation and our wedding photo album. Two friends of ours put this together perfectly and we are very grateful and happy for that!

Because my family, our friends and acquaintances are in the Netherlands and many other countries, we had created the opportunity to broadcast the wedding ceremony online in the morning. Over 430 people watched the marriage blessing that morning! And the broadcast is still being watched via the website! How is it possible! We are actually speechless! The responses and reactions we have received via email, Facebook and WhatsApp are also unprecedented! Even by post, many cards have arrived in Franeker at my best friends place with very nice messages. And let’s not forget the personal gifts that were given and sent. We feel blessed that there are so many people thinking about us.

Personally I keep saying it, I never thought when I emigrated in 2019 that so many people are compassioned about my missionary work and that there are so many people who support me (in whatever form) and even now in this marriage. And that so many people are so happy for me that I have finally found a very sweet man to marry. Because that’s what Mobuley is! I really feel the hand of God in this. He made me who I am and polished me and prepared me during my first ‘half century’ to be here in Zambia now, to do wonderful and rewarding work among women and He has also given me a husband and a family . I’m even allowed to call myself ‘mother’ of two children. How special is that!

A number of people have blessed us with a PERSONAL WEDDING GIFT and we are extremely grateful for that. We have thanked everyone personally, but once again we would like to thank you very much!!!


Even by post, many cards have arrived in Franeker at my best friends place with very nice messages.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

Prediker 3:11

Beginning of January 2022 we started up the women’s ministry again in a local village. This time teaching them how to do different stitches by hand. And of course the Bible devotion could not be skipped! Afterwards eating together with a big pot of Nshima!

Just like in the Netherlands, the younger generation no longer learns how to sew by hand. Here in Zambia I teach to to the women in the communities to make them aware that with a good hand stitch they can do a lot of work and that a sewing machine is not always needed.

Wife, mother and missionary.

After our wedding day we took a break for 3 days, but unfortunately we both got sick. Perhaps it was the tension and bustle of all the work and preparations. Very unfortunate, so we hope to be able to go away together for a few more days somewhere this year. In Ndola we were together in our new house to unpack all my things and prepare everything for the boys who came home from family in early January. So we didn’t experience much of the ‘honeymoon’, as everyone calls it. Family life took off and our missionary work started again at the same time. We do realize very well that we have to schedule moments together to be able to stay relaxed and stay close to each other.

Our 3 day Honeymoon, unfortunately we got sick.

Balance family and work.

For me it was very hard to find a balance. Suddenly all kinds of tasks were added to my life, especially for Joseph of 5.5 years. I’ll be honest, the first week I thought I was going crazy. I thought I had to do everything, like some kind of ‘wonder woman’. Well, I was quickly cured of that. Fortunately, I am married to a man with whom I can work perfectly as a team, so we quickly divided the roles. Also having a cleaning lady, twice a week, immediately made everything a lot lighter. She cleans the whole house, does the laundry by hand and she also cooks before leaving so we don’t have to do it ourselves. really great! In this way it is also nice that we can help others by creating jobs. We also have someone who does the garden. For me it is a blessing that this is possible, so that I can give undivided attention to my husband, the children and also my work. Because Joseph goes to school and plays outside with neighbouring kids, it gives us space to do our work outside the house and also we have the opportunity to prepare things at home.

The children are also not being forgotten at Isubilo in Ndola!

For Africa area my work consists of social media and having online meetings and/or gatherings with other female leaders from all over Africa to guide and encourage them. I have just had an intense and wonderful week in which myself and 5 other ladies have just started developing a training especially for women. Topics are; gospel sharing, identity in Christ, trauma healing and discovery of skills. Something I’ve been working on for some time, but which is now really getting off the ground thanks to the help of the right people!

I am also active at the base in Ndola. Tabitha, where we are mentoring a number of women to trade and earn money as well as encouraging them with the gospel and skills. We also do this at locations outside Ndola where we are involved in Sport (unfortunately I am not that sporty), women’s ministry and also children’s ministry because many children cannot go to school there. At the newly started tailoring training I am a teacher in pattern drawing where the official pattern drawing techniques have to be taught because our goal is that we want to realize an official government-approved training. Something I really like to do! So plenty to do!

Pattern drawing lessons at the tailoring training

Children’s ministry and the Isubilo base

A typical Dutch Apple-pie, made by myself for my 50th birthday!

Will you pray with us?

  • Thank for a very beautiful wedding day!
  • Thank for all the positive reactions to our wedding.
  • Thank for all the personal gifts we received!
  • Thank to more than 500 people who have followed/seen our wedding ceremony!
  • Thanks for Mobuley and his heart for me, the children and his missionary work
  • Thank for peace and balance in my life
  • Thank for all the people around us
  • Thank God for helping us in everything
  • Pray that our marriage may be a blessing.
  • Pray for everyone who doesn’t know God yet
  • Pray for the missionary work we both do.
  • Pray that God will provide for our family needs!


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