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An Intended Marriage…….…..

A lot has changed since my last newsletter. Well, on a personal level that is. As I have informed you, I have been in a relationship for a year with a very nice man, Mobuley Shacholi (46) and he has two children, Mark (17) and Joseph (5.5) who live with him. After a pretty intense personal struggle, because of what I’ve been through in my life, God has given me the deep peace that this is the man He wants to give me right now. On September 12th I was proposed to during a romantic dinner with decorations which I had brought from the Netherlands. It was a very special moment. Who would have thought that I had to end up in Africa to find a man there! Guess some of you will say now; “I did!” But personally, I could never have imagined this. Nor that I would ever find someone “suitable for me. But God is faithful!


A big change for me after years of being alone and hopefully after Saturday December 18th, 2021 I can do life together with Mobuley. Together in a special way. And this special way is that we are both missionaries with OM and we are both working in God’s Kingdom. Mobuley is engaged in entrepreneurship within OM, in order to raise funds for the foundation ISUBILO base (translated Hope) and other projects and also he has the heart to evangelize wherever he is. He likes to give Bible studies in churches about discipleship amongst other subjects. To make the local residents aware that they too are a Disciple of Christ and that everyone can spread the gospel in his or her own way. This applies to Zambia, but also to the place where you as readers are!

Both missionaries

Regarding my work, nothing changes, I am and will remain a missionary with OM and will continue to do my work for the women in Africa and locally in Zambia. What has changed is to provide for as a family in our daily necessities. It is almost impossible for Zambians to get support from their own country as you can probably understand. We try, but the money is often not there and the way of thinking is also different. Mobuley therefore has little support and it has been difficult since the children came to live with him last year. Doing some business here and there has made it possible for him to keep doing missionary work. Now that we will be together, that will also be different. We can’t get by on his support. This means that nothing will change for me in my financial support. I still have to deal with all living costs here and insurance in the Netherlands. I do want to let you know that when I marry Mobuley, there will be more opportunities to invest small profits in companies, especially real estate, so that after a few years we can eventually get our income from there and look after ourselves. Fortunately, living here is a lot cheaper and we can’t complain. A marriage also means that we had to find another bigger house and we succeeded! For almost the same rent! We are very grateful! Mobuley and the children have already moved to ‘our house’ and after our wedding day on December 18th I will join them! In the photo you can see that the borrowed car used for moving his stuff often needed a little push to continue, very normal in Zambia!

Work and activities

Regarding my work at the ISUBILO base; we have been busy renovating 3 rooms, a small warehouse and an office so that we can start a tailoring training there, in due course a small production line to raise money for the base and a ‘TABITHA to help vulnerable women and offer them hope and recovery through skills and the gospel. In the community outside Ndola we still visit the women and bring skills (knitting and sewing) and the gospel there too. In addition, Mobuley also likes to go out together and we visit other churches on Sundays to see where there is any need and where we can also offer help. Because travel within Africa is still limited, we often have meetings and team meetings via the internet. So special that Corona also creates new possibilities. As a missionary being able to encourage and spread the gospel through the Internet, who would have ever thought that! We also hope to give training courses online in due course. Topics we talk about are such as; Identity in Christ, secure leaders, foundations needed for children and how this can affect maturity, Character & Heart, Calling, discipleship and so on.


This newsletter is being written at a time when the corona numbers are very low here. We currently have 15 positive results from 5000 tests. Well, the tests and the results cannot be compared with the Netherlands, where the number of positive tests is currently the highest since the start of the pandemic. (16,000) It is really crazy to follow the news in the Netherlands, while life here is actually quite normal. I think our luck is that we live outside a lot.

“The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18


At the moment I am also very busy with the preparations for our wedding. A nice challenge to work with resources that are available and also to keep the cost as low as possible. I can say that God brings us into contact with people and materials at the right time in a special way. We are so very grateful for this!

Marriage Blessing ONLINE

Join us LIVE ONLINE on our wedding day December 18th 2021.
Since we live in Zambia and the wedding will only have a small number of guests, we decided to try to broadcast the wedding LIVE ONLINE. This way everyone can join us during this special celebration!

On our website you can find more information about our marriage, our journey together and in time to come the LINK to watch online. Please CLICK on below IMAGE. More on our wedding day and everything connected to it in a next newsletter!

Home Team

A message from Gea, chairman of Jannie’s home team and a lifelong friend. ”On December 13th, I hope to go to Zambia with our mutual friend Ruth de Jong to attend this wonderful event. Because mail to Zambia often does not arrive, or arrives very late, you can already send a card/congratulations to my home address before December 5th. I’ll take all the mail to Jannie and Mobuley. Mail may be sent to; Dijkstraat 5, 8801 LR, Franeker, Netherlands
Kind regards from Gea”

Will you pray with me?

  • Thank for Mobuley and the kids
  • Thank for all the work
  • Thank for all the women
  • Thank for Mobuley moving already in our new home
  • Thank for all the people around us
  • Thank God for everything so far
  • Thank for making me feel at home in Ndola
  • Pray that all wedding preparations may go well
  • Pray that we may have a beautiful and special wedding day.
  • Pray that guests from the Netherlands can attend our wedding.
  • Pray for new supporters to join in finances

What’s my story again?

Through the mission organization Operation Mobilization I will go and work in Zambia and Africa to give the women Hope and Recovery through lessons in sewing, pattern drawing and Bible study. In addition, I will also coach them and provide pastoral assistance. My salary consists entirely of financial donations. In this newsletter I share with you what happens in my work and life.

Any questions, remarks, want to know more? Feel free to contact me!

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