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The year 2021 was quite an intriguing part of my mission journey. Especially after having engaged my best friend, Jannie Dijkstra, on the 12th September 2021. However, our relationship started on just being mere friends and turned into a serious and committed one, and both of us didn’t know something as big as marriage would come out of it. It was such an amazing experience how gradually we become fond of each other. By the LORD’s grace and love, it is so interesting that today we are completely talking about a different story.

18th December 2021 will ever remain a memorable time in our lives, on this special day we officially and graciously got married in my home town called Kabwe in Zambia. It is so exciting how my family and our friends celebrated with us but so sad at the same time that Jannie’s brother and some of her friends were unable to attend the wedding, their flights got cancelled because of the Corona measures. It was also touching and amazing how friends from the diaspora supported us spiritually and financially, more especially Jannie’s family and friends. Your support will ever be remembered and I would just continue asking the LORD GOD to bless you all. This goes without saying that our relationship journey wasn’t an easy road too, the road was quite rough and challenging. We both had many or rather diversely emotional, psychological and cultural issues to deal with but gladly we remained prayerful and trusting the LORD and He kept us going. We also needed more time to seek the LORD in the guiding process and also think through things before reaching the final decision.

Mark, Jannie, Mobuley and Joseph

This is just amazing and unbelievable! I came to OM Zambia as a divorced man, hurting, broken-hearted, traumatized, rejected and felt unworthy of remarrying again. To me, marriage was not an option after going through so much pain. I couldn’t trust anyone but I am dumbfounded how the LORD GOD filled my heart with love, peace and joy to love again, after I met this beautiful and charming lady. I keep on telling Jannie that ” I love her so much and that she is the most beautiful woman in the world of 7.9 billion people who makes my world go round”. Well, I mean my words, I am well pleased with her!!

I give thanks to the LORD GOD for OM Zambia leadership for their spiritual and psychological support. The role they played to see that I received help to regain my normal self. Gratitude also goes to HSC leadership who sponsored me in a training called Trauma and Crisis Management, the training helped me to deal with my past traumas and stress. I greatly thank my wife Jannie, for her true love and support. My daily prayer is to continue loving her forever and forever, may the LORD GOD help me to keep my vows to her.

A number of people have blessed us with a PERSONAL WEDDING GIFT and we are extremely grateful for that. We have thanked everyone personally, but once again we would like to thank you very much!!!


God’s Mission and God’s Vision
Romans 10:14-15
“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!.”

Our 3 day Honeymoon, unfortunately we got sick.


I have been serving for OM Zambia Ndola Centre since May 2021 under Financial Development. My wife is serving for OM Africa Area in Ndola, under Women Empowerment Ministry. OM Ndola Centre owns a medium Scale Hammer-mill project that I co-ordinate as a Business Unit Supervisor, working with two co-supervisors and four mill operators. The aim of our project is to raise sustainability for our ministries and so we offer our products and services at reasonable prices, the project covers 33% of our monthly running costs. We operate in a community of 13 000 plus people and our mill produces mealie meal which is a Zambian staple food, we package mealie meal in 25kgs and 10kgs. We have three other products from the mealie meal production namely: Maize bran, Maize grit and 2nd grade which we sell to our community used as substitutes for animal feed. We also offer service milling when the community brings its own maize. The project is also being used as a connecting tool to share the love of JESUS; our mealie meal bags are printed with Bible verses. Our hammer mill scripture is; PSALMS 127:1. The Hammer mill is impacting the community by being Mission and Kingdom minded, our products are sold at reasonable prices just to keep us running. The hammer mill is also supporting the feeding program for the CHILDCARE ministry, paying the mill operators and other missionaries who lack financial support.


a) We failed to meet the demands of the community due to so many breakdowns; our mill is very old; it was manufactured in 1997 but our occasional maintenance has kept the mill going for several years.
b) Although the quality of the meal is still good, the production rate thereof has slowed down to 200kg per hour instead of more than 1000kg.
c) Due to tear and wear, the electricity cost incurred to keep 2 x 5.5kw motors running on the mill, vs the production output, profits were marginal.
d) Though we made profits we did have enough finances to purchase maize to have a year-round mealie meal stocks availability
However, despite the above we’ve strived to work as a team.


Time is moving at a supersonic speed. A day after our wedding we went out on our honeymoon, so excited that I would spend quality time with my wife. We had pre-booked a 3-day honeymoon package at a Safari Camp in the outskirts of our resident town, Ndola. I am afraid it all went down the drain, we couldn’t even enjoy our time there because we got sick. That made us to go back home. We only spent time together at home for a few days and our normal routines resumed besides being married. I was not alone anymore but with a wife plus the boys and ministry.

Not so good for a newly married man, the ministry hammer mill duties immediately demanded much of my time, 9 hours per day and 4 days a week and my wife and the boys also needed me. So things haven’t been easy, especially the time to spend together as husband and wife has been so limited. Though we haven’t found more space and time to blend in, we’re trying to know and understand each other deeply. We normally do a coffee, the shopping, attend Church and do the cooking together. Some of the important values that help us, is the fact that, from the onset our relationship anchors on: love, trust, openness, transparency, honesty, communication, adjustment and support for each other. The values have helped us to intertwine and keep learning more about each other, this doesn’t mean that we don’t differ on certain issues, we are just human but most importantly we communicate well. We hope to find a balance in our daily activities besides ministry and family. We believe and trust that the LORD will shape up things. Sometimes I do imagine how it is for my wife as she comes into marriage were there are two children already, my prayer is that God will help her to cope and besides that it is all new for every one of us to be in a cross cultural family.

Mark and Joseph are an important part of our lives. Our prayer and desire is that they get the best in their lives The dream of every parent is to see their children achieve their goals in life. Our time together is the most precious part. May the Lord continue to bless and keep them.


  • Pray that the Lord may grant me and my wife wisdom, peace, patience and strength as we serve in our different Ministries.* Pray for God’s continual leadership and guidance in our marriage, we seem not to find time for ourselves and the boys.
  • Pray for us as a family, we are trusting the LORD for where to live and build a house in Zambia. We seek the LORD’s direction.
  • Pray that the Lord may raise forth Financial and Spiritual Supporters who are Kingdom-minded and part of God’s vision and mission. This for us as we are now a family and there are more demands.
  • Pray for our zeal and continual passion to serve as Missionaries within our communities and possibly where the LORD leads.
  • Our first son, Mark has to sit for Grade 12 exams at the end of the year. Pray for the LORD’s grace and mercy that he works hard and finds enough time to study.
  • Joseph our youngest son struggles with numbers and the alphabet, please pray for GOD’s help.
  • As the hammer mill project we’re trusting the LORD for new machinery, please stand with us that the LORD will provide the finances needed.


Missionaries need funds. This also includes myself. I cannot do my work without funds and look after my family as wel.
There are two ways of doing this, through my own efforts, and from the help of others. Do you want to help to make my work possible? Please consider a one-off donation or a regular gift. Please connect with Mobuley through a contact message below.

What’s my story again?

Through the mission organization Operation Mobilization I am working in Zambia to reach the least reached with the Gospel. My salary consists entirely of financial donations. In this newsletter I share with you what happens in my work and life

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